Remember to always water your Candy Corn Vine

March 29, 2010

Question: I have a Manettia bicolor plant. The plant has brown on the leaves. Any suggestions as to what, if anything, I am doing wrong? The plant is just starting to lower again. Is it supposed to flower all year long? Thanks!


Dear Rhonda,
The Manettia bicolor is a tropical vine.  Also known as the Candy Corn Vine it will winter over in the house, but probably won’t bloom in mid-winter.  We just don’t have enough sun during the colder months. The brown leaves you are getting on the plant may be the result of drier indoor conditions and should clear up once the plant is outside.
 Keep the plant watered and the soil moderately moist at all times.  Do not allow the plant to dry out between waterings.  If your vine has gotten too leggy (long stretches of stem between the leaves) it would not hurt the plant to trim it back now.  This will encourage branching and the result will be a thicker plant.  Freshening the soil with a good potting mix would also be helpful.  Remove the plant from its pot, shake off as much of the old potting soil as possible, and then replant in fresh potting soil.  If you
think the plant needs a larger pot- signs include roots wrapped around in circles at the bottom of the pot or roots coming out of the bottom of the pot- now is an excellent time to do that as well.  For the best growth on your candy corn vine you want the new pot to be no more than one inch in diameter bigger than its present pot.  You should be able to place your candy corn vine outside around mid-May.  Once nighttime temperatures reach about 50 degrees the plant will be safe.  Remember tropical plants do not like lower temperature.  They may not die, but they will not thrive until temperatures get more summer like Thanks for the question and good luck with your vine.


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