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Caring for your Fat Albert Blue Spruce

I purchased a beautiful, but very expenive 8’ Fat Elbert evergreen on Sat. I read planting directions on Sat. night, but somehow overlooked that it pointed out, not to remove the wire cage. I measured twice for my hole diam, and depth. Got it spot on, recruited 6 neighbors to help roll the beast out of my truck into the hole with only the bulap, and twine securing it. Everything stayed in tact, but the tree ball root got distorted, and compressed about 4” into the hole. ** I am aware of the fact that evergreens can’t be planted to deep. ( I will just pull back the soil ), but am concerned with the future health of the tree, as I have way to much time, and money into this project already. What are the chances of it surviving? What steps can I take to help it grow healthy? My soil type is somewhat clay underneath the tree. I had about a 50” diam. Hole dug for the tree, with at least 6-10” around the diam. of the tree when it was dropped into the hole, in which I have compacted loamy type soil around with a little clay. Please advise, Frustrated and Bummed out in Apple Valley!!

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Always seek a professional before building a retaining wall

We just bought our first home. Now that the snow has melted, we are just finding out what our yard has in store for us. We have a real sponge of a yard in one corner of the house where the neighbors tell us they heard there is an underground river. Is there any kind of bushes we can plant that will help absorb some of the water? We are going to build a retaining wall in that area and some nice bushes with that purpose would be great.

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Scotch Pine is in danger… What’s the next step?

Please help! My husband and I live on about an acre of land. It is surrounded on three sides (double row)with scotch pine. They are close together and provide a fabulous wind block. The problem is one (only one at this time) is wilted,brown, and the sap is thick and white at the base. Any help you can give us will be greatly appreciated! We are looking forward to shopping you this spring!! Thank you!

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Landscaping Minnesota

2022 CSA Enrollment Now Open

Each box will contain fruits and/or vegetables at peak harvest season for that week. Each share also comes with a $20 gift certificate to Great Harvest Bread Company and a $20 gift card to Von Hanson Meats with the first share box! All member options include weekly share boxes and access to special Harvest Events.

Landscaping Minnesota

Get started on your next landscaping project.

We would love to hear from you with any landscaping questions or comments. We take projects throughout the south Twin Cities suburbs, with most of our projects taking place in Apple Valley, Lakeville, or Burnsville. 

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