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How do I spray, the tropical plant, Alice Dupont Mandevilla with pesticides?

I bought a Alice Dupont Mandevilla last year…by season end it was absolutely beautiful. I was told by a fellow gardener to spray it with a pesticide before bringing it in. I did. As the days went by, the leaves dropped off – totally. I kept it at the east window -a couple months ago green little leaves began to appear, a new vine about an inch grew, wilted and turned brown and the same thing just happened all over again. Is it done for? Thanks!

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Can a dying Yucca plant be salvaged?

I have two yucca plants that look really “yucky”. This is the fourth year that I have had them and they have become so big. The leaves (or stems) have brownish or rust colored areas on them and some are a yellowish green and brown. Some of the leaves pull off easily and I have removed them but the other ones don’t pull off easily. I’m wondering if I can cut this way back or how I remove all the bad leaves, which is most of them. They have become so long that they are covering up some of my other plants. Am I doing something wrong that the leaves are looking like this? Last year they both produced their first flower. What do I do with the big, thick stalk that is left? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’m about to pull them up out of the ground! Thanks!

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2022 CSA Enrollment Now Open

Each box will contain fruits and/or vegetables at peak harvest season for that week. Each share also comes with a $20 gift certificate to Great Harvest Bread Company and a $20 gift card to Von Hanson Meats with the first share box! All member options include weekly share boxes and access to special Harvest Events.

Landscaping Minnesota

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We would love to hear from you with any landscaping questions or comments. We take projects throughout the south Twin Cities suburbs, with most of our projects taking place in Apple Valley, Lakeville, or Burnsville. 

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