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July 10, 2018

Farmer Cole

Hello everyone and welcome to Week 2! At this time we’re happy to report that endless heat waves are pushing our crops along very nicely. With such cooperative weather, I was able to get in our last planting of CSA crops, including kohlrabi, beets, cantaloupe, and a few more radishes.

I can’t recall ever having such a beautiful selection of broccoli – nice large plump heads. It’s one of the highlights in this week’s share box.  Scarlet kale is another crop in the spotlight this week; not only is it gorgeous, but it’s also a healthy and multi-use vegetable.

We are now at a point in the season where not all crops are ready to be fully harvested, so our days are taken up with a little bit of everything: cut cabbage in one field, pick cucumbers in another, then spend the rest of the day getting caught up on our hoeing and cultivating. Not to worry though, soon we will be in full harvest swing. And all of the vegetables you are craving will be brought fresh to your CSA share boxes.


Cole Moldenhauer

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