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Layered Shrimp Salad with Parmesan Crostini

by | Sep 1, 2020 | CSA Member Updates, Recipes

This recipe created by Linda Gassenheimer was originally posted in the Cape Cod Times on August 28, 2019. Linda mentions that this is an ideal summer supper, perfect for a Labor Day picnic. Any type of bread can be used for the crostini, and any type of salad greens you have on hand can be used for the base.
Servings: 2
3 Tablespoons reduced-fat Oil and Vinegar dressing
1 Tablespoon diced or chopped Onion
1 teaspoon dried Tarragon
3/4 pound cooked, medium-size peeled Shrimp
Salt and freshly ground Black pepper
1/2 bag washed, ready-to-eat mixed Baby Greens (about 2 1/2 cups)
1/2 medium Cucumber, peeled and sliced (about 2 cups)
2 cups Corn kernels, fresh or frozen
1 medium Tomato, sliced (about 1 cup)
1. Mix reduced-fat dressing, onion and tarragon together and set aside.
2. Place shrimp in a small bowl and toss with 1 tablespoon dressing. Sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste.
3. Arrange salad greens in the bottom of a salad bowl. Place a layer of cucumbers on top. If using fresh corn on the cob, cut the kernels off and sprinkle corn over cucumber slices or add defrosted corn.
4. Drizzle 1 tablespoon dressing over these vegetables. Place a layer of shrimp on top and drizzle remaining dressing over the salad.
5. Arrange the sliced tomatoes around the edge of the bowl. Sprinkle the tomatoes with salt and pepper to taste.
Parmesan Crostini
Olive oil spray
1/2 whole grain French baguette, sliced on the diagonal into 6 rounds
4 Tablespoons grated fresh Parmesan cheese
1. Preheat broiler or toaster oven. Spray olive oil over bread rounds. Sprinkle Parmesan cheese on top.
2. Place in broiler about six inches from heat for 1 to 2 minutes or until cheese starts to melt.

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