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by | Jul 16, 2014 | What's in your share box

Kohlrabi is a close relative of broccoli; it resembles a root vegetable but actually the edible globe is the modified swollen stem.  The edible leaves jut from the globe portion of the kohlrabi.  It offers generous amounts of vitamins A and C and emphasizes the minerals potassium and calcium and is high in fiber.

Kohlrabi is delicious steamed.  Cut into 1 inch chunks, steam until you can pierce with a fork. Toss with some butter, salt and pepper to taste.  Makes an excellent side dish. Or simply cut into slices and serve raw on a veggie tray with dip.

Store globe and leaves separately.  The globe will last about a month refrigerated in a plastic bag.  Wrap the leaves in a damp towel or place in a plastic bag; use as soon as possible.


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