White Potatoes

White potatoes are small to medium in size, with a round to long shape.  The skin of a white potato is white or tan, and its flesh is white. You’ll notice white potatoes have a thin delicate skin, and the texture is slightly creamy. They have a mild and very subtle sweet flavor.
As with other potato varieties, store in a well-ventilated container in a dry location, away from sunlight. Do not store in a plastic bag, but a paper bag or cardboard box will do. Keeping them in the coolest part of your kitchen or in a dry part of your basement will help them last a little longer. Potatoes should not be refrigerated, as the temperature in refrigerators is too cool for them.
White potatoes are a good source of Vitamin B6 and potassium, and a very good source of Vitamin C. They are excellent in salads, mashed, steamed/boiled or fried. No need to peel the thin delicate skin–it will add texture to your mashed potato dish and provide some beneficial fiber. And of course, many of the potato’s nutrients are just under the skin! White potatoes can also be grilled. Grilling will bring out a more full-bodied flavor.

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