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November 4, 2017

Spruce Tip Pot

The cold weather has officially moved in and another season has seemed to have flown by! On to the next as they always say and I could not be more excited. Out with the pumpkins, and in with the Spruce tips, kissing balls, and Christmas trees. Pahl’s Market has an rare and unique shopping experience this time of the year where you can shop for all of your winter décor indoors in our greenhouse while still having it feel like it’s a winter wonderland. Our first load of spruce tips have already arrived so if you want to get an early jump on your winter wonderland feel free to stop on in.

Other notable events happening at Pahl’s is our holiday workshop.  Sign ups have already started and the workshops are happening November 8th, 11th, and 18th. Come in and design your very own spruce tip pots or kissing balls and enjoy the company of your friends and family while having a great time. Christmas trees will also be coming in this month and if you are in the Pahl family that baby is always up as soon as possible!  I get the luxury of hauling two to my mom’s house and two to my sister’s house and let me tell you I do it all from the bottom of my heart! Sometimes I even get lucky enough to put the star on the top, although that usually is a rare occurrence.

Fall cleanup is also in full effect and we will start removing the corn pit, cleaning out what is left of the mums and sweeping the greenhouse clean to make way for the smelly pine needles that are soon to roll in. I am one of those people that enjoys all of the seasons but this time of the year is hard to beat so bust out the scotch and come on into Pahl’s Market so we can spruce up your Holiday season! Yes that was supposed to be punny!

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