Spring is in the Air

March 1, 2017

Spring Raking

As the snow is melting and the warm weather is approaching it is a great time to get outside to put away your winter equipment and prepare your landscape tools for spring. Going through your tools and cleaning up the yard and landscape beds are great March projects.  All the hard work now will help new spring plant growth to flourish.

The first thing you want to do before starting your spring cleanup is to go through all of your landscape tools. Gather all shovels, rakes, picks, and hand tools and clean off any dried dirt stuck to the blades and fix any broken handles. Once everything is cleaned and fixed check all the blades to make sure they are sharp, if they are not sharp you can use a grinder to make a sharp edge on your shovels and picks.  It is a good idea to also spray some WD-40 on the blades to help prevent rust. Pruners should also be checked out and dull blades should be replaced.  The next thing to do is go through your power tools such as your lawn mower, weed whip, chain saw and any other power tools you may have.  Most of your power tools should have been gone through before winter but if not make sure they have a proper tune up, oil change, and sharp blades.

Now that you have your tools in working fashion it is time to get outside and begin your yard work. First, clean up any sticks and debris from your yard left from the winter. It is important to do a thorough job in your landscape beds so your plants thrive come summer.  Next, remove any burlap from shrubs or evergreens that you may have covered for the winter. Clear out any dead leaves, and sticks from your beds and around any plants. Make sure you cut back any perennials left up from the fall and that your shrubs, such as Hydrangeas, are cut back and clear of any dead material.  It is a good idea hose down the plants, rocks and mulch in your landscape beds to clean off any winter salt. To have a successful lawn for the summer rake your entire lawn with to remove that thatch layer from the previous year and winter. Removing the thatch layer will help your lawn to get the right nutrients in the soil and air flow your lawn needs. Once you are done dethatching your lawn you may need to reseed some of the bare areas.  Timing is important when preparing your lawn for spring, you don’t want to start working up your lawn to early or when it’s too wet.  Be sure the lawn is out of dormancy before you begin preparing it for spring.

Spring Clean-up is a timely process but it in end it is all worth it. It will make the summer months much easier with less work and more time to enjoy your landscape that you worked so hard on. Pahl’s Market has a full service landscape department so if your not up to the task please contact our landscape department for a free estimate. Happy Spring!

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