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Straight Talk Privet

by | Aug 6, 2017 | Market News

Finally a new plant to tell our customers about that is not another Hydrangea and fills a nice niche in the landscape.  This is Straight Talk Privet. Straight Talk Privet is a beautiful 12 foot tall plant that is tightly upright and grows only 2’ wide.

Years past the nursery industry used to sell a plant called Columnar Buckthorn, or tall hedge.  This was a tall, narrow growing shrub that was ideal for creating a privacy screen where space was limited.  The Minnesota Department of Agriculture (DNR) wisely put this plant and all cultivars of Buckthorn on their noxious weed list.   If anyone has Buckthorn in their yard, please get rid of it.  If you need to know how to eradicate Buckthorn, please see me at Pahls Market and I will explain the process on how to do so, and show you a chemical you can use.  Straight Talk Privet is a great plant to replace it with.

Straight Talk Privet is a new First Editions plant from Bailey’s Nursery.   It has glossy, thick green leaves that resemble a Boxwood.  It is a perfect specimen plant or a great plant to use as a hedge and trim to desired height.  I have not seen deer, rabbit, or Japanese beetle damage on this plant.  Straight Talk Privet will grow in a wide range of soils, and is drought tolerant.  Straight talk Privet is cold hardy and will grow in Zones 4-8.  Flowers are white followed by black fruit.

Straight Talk Privet is available at Pahl’s Market in both 2 and 5 gallon containers.  It is a plant that is worth thinking about to put in your landscape.


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