Japanese Beetles & Grubs

Pest Type: Insect

Damage to Plant: The adult Beetles will target leaves, flowers and fruit of over 275 species. Leave will be skeletonized, and flowers and fruit are eaten. The grubs will create brown patches – and destroy your lawn.

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Japanese beetles are small pests that carry a big threat. The pests will eat almost everything except vegetables. They do not discriminate on what types of plants to feed on, in fact, they are classified as a pest to hundreds of different species. Japanese Beetles are ½ inch in length and metallic blue-green with tan wings, with small white hairs lining each side of the abdomen. The adult beetles can easily destroy and eat just about any plant.

Life Cycle: Grubs will spend most of the year deep in the soil. In early spring, they come nearer to the surface to feed & then pupate. They emerge from the soil in early spring as adult beetles and begin feeding in June. Although the lifecycle of the adult Japanese beetle is barely 40 days, it can cover a lot of ground and do a lot of damage. They will feed for about 6 weeks, and lay eggs in the soil – which will develop into tiny white grubs.

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