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News from the Wet Field

News from the Wet Field

Dad is looking down shaking his head thinking I am glad where I am. Two Spring seasons back to back where it has been miserable trying to get the crops in on a timely fashion. With the cool temps and abnormal amount of rain the lakes and streams are full (with the exception of White […]

Editorial Comment

Tractor Stuck in the Field

No news from the field in this months newsletter, you probably wouldn’t want to hear it anyway.  Mother Nature is not cooperating, and we have some seriously ornery (rightfully so!) farmers. Be sure to stay tuned for our July newsletter where Gary will hopefully have something positive to share!

Wintertime Around the Farm


By Gary Pahl Everything is put away and tucked in a shed; the dog is guarding the shop from any mice scurrying about.  The fridge is stocked with the famous Budweiser beer and the scotch bottle has been brought out to warm the belly.  Christmas is a wonderful time of year to sit back and […]

Pre Winter Tune Up

Pahl's Pre Winter Tune Up

By Gary Pahl As we head into winter we want to make sure everything is cleaned up and ready for spring.  There is nothing more frustrating than pulling out a piece of equipment thinking it is ready to go and having to start making repairs on it.  More importantly a fall clean up on a […]

Fall Harvest

Pahl's Pumpkins

By Gary Pahl The harvest this fall is at a rapid pace with the nice dry weather we are having.  The pumpkin crop is very nice in this part of the country, but out east is another story.  So far we have sent three semi loads of pumpkins out to the Boston area with more […]

All in a day’s work

Brian & Gary Pahl

By Gary Pahl 4:15AM: My alarm goes off  5:00AM: I say hi to Pete and Laura at Holiday Gas station.  After that, I radio my brother, Brian, for our morning chat.  Brian has already been up for a couple of hours and has begun picking corn.  He has to have enough picked for the crew […]

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