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Come Hell or High Water

Sweet Corn Field

We definitely have had our share of rain and cool temperatures this spring.  As I drive around the countryside crop development is approximately two weeks behind.  Everything in this area looks pretty good but as you get west of 35 there is nothing but potholes of water and the crops look like they are being […]

If We Plant It They Will Come

Pahl's Market Fresh Produce

July brings yet another month of change in our market building. We make room for the farm fresh produce that begins arriving from our fields. What could be better than a farmer’s market every day of the week! Our produce wins the taste test hands down. Your family’s health will benefit from the wide variety […]

News from the Field

Pahl's Sweet Corn Field

A total of approximately 80,000 man hours were spent raising and harvesting our vegetables. The farthest we shipped anything this year was Houston Texas and the closest was Apple Valley Cub Foods. We shipped close to 16 million pounds of fresh produce around the upper Midwest and Canada with sweet corn being the leader. Cabbage […]

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