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Landscape – Water Feature with Plantings in Burnsville

Landscaping Water feature with Perennial Plantings

Photo of  Rod Oman Landscape Project in Burnsville.   The waterfall was installed a few years ago but the plantings have been installed and maintained yearly by Beth, one of Pahl’s Designers.  By the way if you ever need a professional photographer we highly recommend Rod Oman and The Imagery.  He takes excellent photos.

2010 Moss Basket Days Winners

Congratulations to Cheri Tabbert and Erin Ristow! They attended Moss Basket Days and entered there names into our Moss Basket Give Away Drawing. Each winner will receive one FREE 16″ Moss Basket for 2011 Moss Basket Days. Thank you to everyone who attended this year’s event. For those who could not make and are interested […]

When is the best time to prune my honeysuckle butterfly bush?

Dear Kimberly, Honeysuckle may need to be pruned after they are planted. This should also be done in early spring or late winter, removing old and dead growth, as honeysuckle will flower on new growth only. In our climate that may mean March or early April. You should prune your honeysuckle butterfly bush before the […]

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