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Pumpkin Pahlooza

Pumpkin Pahlooza

It’s here! It’s here!  The Great Bouncy Pumpkin is back!  October may be our kid friendliest month of the year at Pahl’s Market.  We have activities going on all month long.  It all kicks off with our Fall Festival on Saturday, October 5th and Sunday, October 6th.  The Bouncy Pumpkin will officially be up and […]

Harvest Days

Pahl's Market Homegrown Squash

September has arrived and all the kids have headed back to school.  Those of you with children are settling back into a routine once again. Autumn is a refreshing time of year.  The days are cooler and hopefully sunny.  The trees change to beautiful colors.  Our market explodes with every possible color of mum you […]

Fall Harvest

Pahl's Pumpkins

By Gary Pahl The harvest this fall is at a rapid pace with the nice dry weather we are having.  The pumpkin crop is very nice in this part of the country, but out east is another story.  So far we have sent three semi loads of pumpkins out to the Boston area with more […]

Fall Produce Now Arriving at PAHL’S

Minnesota Grown Apples

By Jackie Overom Squash… In September we begin to see all the beautiful varieties of winter squash.  The following are a few descriptions and characteristics of our favorites. • Acorn These squash have a shape similar to acorns.  You will see both green and gold varieties.  White acorn is also available as well as one called Carnival.  […]

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