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Jumbo Onions

The versatile onion is the most universal seasoning used by humans.  The common bulb onions are reddish purple, white, or yellow with a tan skin.  The tan-skinned storage onion is the strongest most pungent variety, while its purple and white cousins are milder and sweeter.  Onions are low in calories and fats; however, they are […]

Spaghetti Squash

Spaghetti Squash

This variety of winter squash is large, oval and yellow, and looks similar to a melon.  It is unique among squash because when cooked, its yellowish flesh separates into long strands that resemble pasta.  Spaghetti squash provides vitamins A and C and some of the B vitamins.  It is also an excellent source of fiber. To prepare, […]



Looking quite similar to onions in appearance, leeks are root vegetables and are related to onions, garlic, scallions, shallots and chives. Their flavor is onion-like but much milder. People who avoid this vegetable because they dislike onions should try them, their flavor is mellow and not overpowering, and many onion-haters enjoy them.  Nutritionally, leeks are a great […]

Pressed Bacon or Chicken Fajita Meat (Depending on your location)

Von Hanson's Meat Markets

Members who pick up their shares at Holiday, Great Harvest Bread and Pahl’s Market will receive Von Hanson’s own pressed bacon in their boxes this week. Pressed bacon contains the same ingredients as Von Hanson’s regular bacon, but it has less fat. It is smoked and pressed to form, and it’s perfect for sandwiches. Our […]

Jalapeno Peppers


The active component in jalapenos and other hot peppers is capsaicin, which gives them their strong spicy pungent character.  Tolerance levels in individuals can vary widely—use them in moderation at first.  Eating cold yogurt or drinking milk will help dilute the capsaicin concentration, thereby reducing that “burning” sensation.  Jalapeno peppers are a rich source of vitamin C.  They also contain high levels of […]

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