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CSA Newsletter - Volume 8, 2017

News from the Farmer

Farmer Cole

This week I thought it would be appropriate to describe a normal day on the farm.

I do appreciate a good night’s rest so sometimes I sleep in a little later than other days. I generally like to be at the farm just after 6 am. Some days are earlier but never later than that. This gives me time to connect with Gary and get the day’s plans into place and ready my equipment before the crew arrives just after 7 am. I have always loved the early mornings, the new day dawning,  as well as having some preparation and reflection time before the hustle and bustle begins once again. I usually bring wagons to the particular fields, depending on whether it’s cabbage, cucumbers, peppers and so on. I check the oil and fuel levels in all the tractors and start them all to be sure they are warmed up for when the crew arrives. After we get started with our first projects, the day seems to go by in a flash, moving from field to field, crop to crop and hopefully not missing a beat along the way.

At the end of the day, usually around 8 pm, I get a sense of accomplishment and pride for the day’s work. Now that’s a way of life! Have a wonderful share week!

-Cole Moldenhauer

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