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CSA Newsletter - Volume 07, 2019

What's in your share box this week

Dee's Corner


Hello everyone,
Jalapenos make their first appearance in our shares for this season, one of several peppers we will be offering in the next few weeks. Of course, jalapeno poppers immediately come to mind, so we are including a recipe from Sara Welch. Most of the recipes for jalapeno poppers are similar in regard to ingredients and preparation. Sara’s recipe for Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers includes a little seasoning mixed in with the cream cheese, which we all thought added a little something extra and complemented the flavor of the jalapenos.
If you are looking for another way to use your jalapenos, consider the Southwestern Style Beef and Potato Casserole. This offers a change of pace from all the grilling many of us have gotten used to in these last few weeks. (My husband appreciated the break.) You’ll be able to use several of the items in this week’s share in just one recipe! Although the recipe called for canned corn, I used freshly cooked sweet corn and liked it much better. (To be honest, I really dislike canned corn.)
The Fresh Sweet Corn, Cucumber and Tomato Salad is vibrant and colorful, and includes just enough of the jalapenos to give it a little kick. I liked how versatile it is. As mentioned in the recipe, it can be served just as it is, or as an accompaniment to grains or grilled chicken or fish.

I hope many of you were able to make it to the green bean field to pick fresh green beans. Remember, our next Harvest Event is approaching soon. Several of us will be there to welcome you and enjoy the day together. Have a wonderful week!

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