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CSA Newsletter - Volume 3, 2017

News from the Farmer

Jack and Cole

I can honestly say that the stress level went from zero to sixty in a heartbeat with the storm Sunday night. All I could do was pray as the hail came down briefly and the high winds and rain thereafter. I believe my prayers were answered, as crop damage was minimal and we will get through it to farm another day. Our CSA field was unaffected, but our pumpkins and squash did get a run for their money. Luckily they are a late season crop and will have plenty of time to recover. This week is going to be a hot one, great for crop growth, but a bit testing to our spirits. It is a bountiful and beautiful harvest of lettuce, broccoli and radishes, to name a few, so let’s rejoice, Mother Nature was easy on us this week!

-Cole Moldenhauer

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