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CSA Newsletter - Volume 6, 2018

News From the Farmer

Cole Moldenhauer

Late last week, the irrigators all fell silent as the rain and wind came in intense waves. Now, as we begin to dry out, we really appreciate how good we have it when the fields are dry. Swiss chard shows up this week, a vibrant and colorful health food with exceptional mineral benefits deriving from its unique ability to take up nutrients from the soil while it matures in the field. The process for harvesting Swiss chard is quite simple. Cutting the shanks off above the ground, bundling and rubber banding completes the process. This week’s tomatoes are the first harvest from the field and they are beautiful, juicy, and delicious.  They will be a great addition to your meal plans. There is truly nothing like a ripe field grown tomato! I can’t believe it’s already week 6! It’s been a great six weeks of wonderful, homegrown and delicious fruits and veggies. I am looking forward to even more great weeks ahead and that the sun shows up back here very soon!


Cole Moldenhauer

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