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Pahl Farms

For 6 Generations, dating back to the early 1900’s, the Pahl family has been farming.  Pahl Farms started along the Minnesota River bottoms in Bloomington and eventually relocated to the Apple Valley area where our main farm still operates.

From generation to generation we have consistently grown the finest homegrown vegetables in Minnesota. 

We sustainably farm a little over 1200 acres, approximately 800 acres in vegetables and 400 acres in soybeans and field corn.  At Pahl Farms, we know the importance of land and take great pride in our ability to take care of the land so that it provides for future generations to come.

Our Produce is picked fresh daily to ensure the highest quality, and sold fresh in season at our Farmers Market in Apple Valley.  We are the first and only Farmers Market with a unique Sweet Corn Drive Thru!  Normally our farm fresh produce season starts in mid-July and continues into October.  We specialize in sweet corn, cabbage, green beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, squash, pumpkins and more.

The majority of our fresh vegetables are sold wholesale and distributed primarily across the Midwest so everyone can enjoy the finest Minnesota Grown Vegetables in peak season.  We have shipped as far south as Texas, as far east as New York, as far west as Colorado and as far north as Alaska.

In recent years we have started a Pahl’s CSA Program.  This Community Supported Agriculture Program has brought a lot of education to our consumers.  We now get to share our passion of farming and see firsthand our crops go from our fields to your table.