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2020 CSA Enrollment Starts Jan 1!

MN Grown CSAWhat is a Community Supported Agriculture Program?

CSA’s have become a popular way for consumers to buy local, seasonal food directly from a farmer.  CSA programs revolve around a meaningful relationship between a farmer, a set of farm members, and a piece of farmland.  There are several different CSA models but essentially a farmer offers a certain number of shares to the public in advance of the harvest season.  In a traditional CSA, interested consumers purchase a share and in return receive a box of seasonal produce each week throughout the harvest season.  In a flexible CSA, interested consumers purchase a share and in return are able to shop the market during the season to purchase whatever is available.  Starting in 2019, Pahl Farms will offer both a traditional CSA and a flexible CSA.

Minnesota CSA CantaloupeWhat is a Minnesota CSAMinnesota CSA corn

CSA Farmers in Minnesota - Jack / ColeAdvantages of Joining a Minnesota CSA with Pahls:

Farmers get to spend time marketing the food early in the year before their 16 hour days in the field begin.  They also have the unique opportunity to meet the people who eat the food they grow.

Customers get to eat ultra-fresh food with all the flavor and vitamin benefits.  Customers also get exposure to new vegetables and new ways of cooking.  Minnesota CSA members develop a relationship with the farmer who grows their food and learns more about how their food is grown.  In addition, traditional Pahl Farms CSA members also have the opportunity to visit the farm and share in harvest events.  Harvest events are not available to flexible CSA members.  Through our Harvest Events members receive additional bountiful harvest items to freeze or can and enjoy throughout the winter months. You will be amazed at the vegetables your children will try when it comes from “their” farm!   

Minnesota CSA Partner Von Hanson's Meat MarketsPahl Farms traditional CSA offers a unique addition to our program by partnering with Von Hanson’s Meats.  Once a month in July, August, September & October you will receive quality meats in your share box – included in the cost of your CSA share!  Through this partnership we are able to provide over 20 additional Von Hanson’s pick up locations throughout the Twin Cities.

CSA Partner Great Harvest Bread CompanyThat’s not all! We have also partnered with Great Harvest Bread Company locations throughout the Twin Cities to offer additional convenient pick up sites. Pahl Farms traditional CSA members will enjoy fresh bread in their share box monthly in July, August, September & October.                          

Wait, there’s more!  Add an $80 mushroom share from Gentleman Forager to your CSA order to receive a 1/2lb of fresh mushrooms with your CSA twice a month in July, August, September & October (the equivalent to 18 packages of white button mushrooms).  Click here to learn more!

Minnesota CSA Grean BeansCSA Minnesota Corn PickerMinnesota CSA Farm Planting

Why Join a CSA?

There are so many great reasons to join a Minnesota CSA.  For starters, you will be supporting a local farmer and local business.  When you shop at the grocery store you might notice produce from all over the world, but with a CSA you can support a local farmer and your local economy.  Fruits and vegetables will be fresher and it is more environmentally friendly to buy local.  You will most likely get to try some new exciting foods and you will save money.  You also will know exactly where your food is coming from and how it is grown! 

Find a CSA in Minnesota and start getting the freshest veggies for the summer.

Enrollment for the 2020 CSA season begins January 1, 2020.

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