Tree nursery

Trees and shrubs are a cornerstone to any landscape. They can frame a house, provide year-round interest and color to your yard, or they can add flare and distinctiveness. Whatever your landscape interest may be, our selection of trees and shrubs is excellent. Browse our library of options or visit our tree nursery in person to find the perfect trees and shrubs for your landscape.

   Evergreens                      Fruits

 Evergreen Trees and shrubs  trees, fruits, and shrubs

  Shrubs                               Shrub Roses

trees and shrubs   trees and shrub roses

  Trees                                  Vines

trees and shrubs   trees and vines

Shrub and Tree Nursery

Check out our online store all season long and view photos and information on all of the plants at Pahl’s, helping you find what you need from our nursery.

trees and shrubs

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