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Pahl’s Market carries many different types of mulch, coming in a wide variety of colors, including brown, red, gold, and more. Our high quality mulch products are great for all your landscaping needs. You’ll find mulch for sale that is made from native trees, and all of our colored mulch has been made with non-toxic dyes. Our mulches look great in planting beds, and help to keep the soil moist and free of weeds.

Add mulches to your planting beds to limit the growth of weeds, keep your soil cool in the summer, and minimize freezing in the winter. Other benefits of our mulch products include keeping moisture in the soil, improving your soil’s fertility, and adding a great look to your landscape.

Our mulch comes either bagged or in bulk, and can be purchased in the following colors or styles. If you need help finding the perfect look for your garden, our landscaping experts can help you find the product that will look and perform the best.

Mulch Landscaping Gallery

Mulch Tips

  • Keep your mulch’s depth around 3 inches for optimum performance.
  • Use chips or pine bark if you plan to walk on your mulch frequently, as they are easier to step on and will last longer.
  • Use shredded mulches for more effective weed prevention.
  • Use shredded mulch for areas that experience more water
  • Be cautious using dark mulch around deciduous plants, as they will absorb more sunlight and add stress on the plants.

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