Pahl’s Market has been supporting local community organizations since 1988.  We have teamed up with countless organizations to help provide them with fun and innovative ways to make money for their organization’s needs. It is our pleasure to continue a cooperative effort in helping our community to grow and thrive for generations to come.

Fundraising Opportunities:

Spring Plant Sale Delivered by Pahl’s 

Pahl's GerberaBuy in advance and pick-up at delivery: pre-order plant forms, offering endless varieties of spring annuals, are developed for your organization.  You collect the prepaid order forms from those individuals wishing to support your organization when they pre-purchase their spring flowers. These flower orders are filled by Pahl’s friendly staff and delivered to a convenient location of your choice on a designated date. You are in control and determine your own profit margins. The return on investment can be extraordinary.

Fall Plant Sale Delivered by Pahl’s

Pahl's MumMum’s the word: This fall fundraiser is designed much in the same way as our spring delivery except it is available in the fall of the year which may be more convenient for your organization.  Pahl’s will deliver pre-ordered popular fall plants, available in a wide variety of colors, to one location on a particular date. Profits are dependent upon your set margins and effort.

Pahl’s Gift Card Program

Pahl's Gift CardAvailable year round: This program gives your organization the opportunity to sell Pahl’s gift cards that can be used anytime when making a purchase at Pahl’s Market. You pick the most convenient time to sell the gift cards and we’ll donate a percentage of the total amount sold back to your organization. 



These fundraising programs are convenient and so easy to administer.  Before getting started, simply contact us first to initiate your participation.  Whether you have participated in the past or are new to our fundraising events, we need to hear from you.

Please contact:

Jane Pahl
Work: 952-431-4345
Cell: 612-709-7070

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