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Pahl’s Market has been supporting local community organizations since 1988.  We have teamed up with countless organizations to help provide them with fun and innovative ways to make money for their organization’s needs. It is our pleasure to continue a cooperative effort in helping our community to grow and thrive for generations to come.

Spring Plant Sale Delivered by Pahl’s

Want to plan your spring gardens and flower pots early this year and enjoy the ease and convenience of Pahl’s Market delivery services?

Pahl’s has a pre-order plant form online with an extended list of plants grown by our experts that you can purchase.  You simply share a link to the order form to members of your organization that then they share that link with people they know.  Pahl’s will deliver your order to a convenient location of your choice on a specific date(typically the first couple of weeks of May).  The flowers are ready and waiting for pick-up by those who participated in your spring fundraiser.

Pricing is determined by Pahl’s to the consumer and the organization receives 40% of the proceeds. 

Fundraising Guidelines:

  • First, contact Jack Pahl at (w) 952-431-4345, (cell) 612-508-8562 or by email at jack@pahls.com to receive pre-approval to participate in this or any fundraiser at Pahl’s Market.  Once pre-approved, you’re ready to get started.
  • Receive a fundraiser price list identifying the wide plant varieties along with our fundraiser prices listed for your consideration.
  • Pahl’s has a pre-made plant order form listing the retail prices of each item and the organization receives 40% of that price.
  • Determine your fundraising timeline: dates of sale, deadline for return of pre-paid order forms and date of delivery.
  • Distribute order forms throughout your organization.  Your participants will be paying by credit Card.
  • If your organization is tax exempt, please provide us with a tax exempt form prior to your final invoicing.
  • Purchase of Pahl’s gift cards are credited to your organization and you’ll receive 10% return of total gift card amount purchased.
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