Fall Plant Sale Delivered by Pahl’s

Pahl's MumsMum’s the word!  Want to spread the word and take advantage of a fabulous fall fundraising opportunity at Pahl’s?

This fall fundraiser delivers popular fall plants, grown by the experts at Pahl’s. Your organization develops a pre-order plant form by choosing from a list of plants.  You simply distribute these order forms to members of your organization and collect the prepaid orders by a particular date.  Pahl’s will deliver your order to a convenient location of your choice on a specific date.  The fall flowers are ready and waiting for pick-up by all those who participated in your fall fundraiser.

Remember, you are in control and determine your own profit margins. The following steps are easy and will help make your fundraiser a success.

Fundraising Guidelines:

  • First, contact Jane Pahl at (w) 952-431-4345, (cell) 612-709-7070 or by email at jane@pahls.com to receive pre-approval to participate in this or any fundraising event at Pahl’s Market. Once pre-approved, you’re ready to get started.
  • Receive a fall fundraiser price list identifying the wide plant varieties along with our wholesale prices listed for your consideration.
  • Pahl’s has a premade plant order form listing the retail prices of each item or you establish your organization’s profit margin.
  • Determine your fundraising timeline: dates of sale, deadline for return of all prepaid order forms and date of delivery.
  • Distribute order forms and Fall Plant Sale Colored Information Sheet throughout your organization. Your participants can pay by cash, check or credit card.
  • The completed orders are e-mailed to jane@pahls.com or hand delivered.  The orders are filled to be delivered on the date you specified at the location most convenient for you and your participants.  All order totals need to be put on Fundraiser Price list order form given by Jane Pahl.
  • If your organization is tax exempt, please provide us with a tax exempt form prior to your final invoicing.
  • Purchase of Pahl’s gift cards are available and credited to your organization.  You’ll receive 10% return of total gift card amounts purchased.

Download Fall Plant Sale Information Sheet

fall plant sale

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