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Fundraiser Registration

This page is for all fundraising managers who are participating in a Fundraiser. If you want to create a fundraiser, you’ll need to register here. If you participated in a Fundraiser in the past, you can log into your existing account (If you have forgotten your username or password please email jack@pahls.com. Fill in all relevant details and an account will be created. This process should take no more than a minute.

1. Create your account using this form, login using the details entered in this form.

Once logged in, you’ll be brought to your Fundraiser Dashboard. This page is only visible when logged in, and will include all your fundraiser information. You will also be sent an email which includes a link to share with anyone who might contribute to your fundraiser

2. Share your link.

A link will be sent to your email, allowing people to order directly through our website. Send this link to anyone interested in participating in your fundraiser. The system automatically stores all orders with your referral ID.

3. Track all your fundraising progress.

You will also be emailed a link to the Fundraiser Area. Log In to review or track your fundraiser’s orders.

If you have any questions about the process, feel free to contact us here.

Thanks for participating in the Pahl’s Fundraiser!

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