Hardwood Chips

Hardwood Chips are consistently sized, traditional wood chips. Our hardwood chips are a popular mulch material for use around flower beds and shrubs. These wood chips are consistently sizes, and offer a traditional look that will last a long time. Chips help moisture retention and temperature control for the soil, and they don’t compact as much as other products. These chips are thicker than most other mulch options.

Landscaping projects that used Hardwood Chips

Pahl’s Plant Installation in Prior Lake
Hardwood Chips Mulch

Remember that the best mulch is not the same for everyone. Every type of mulch has strengths and weaknesses and might look or perform better in some situations than in others. If you’re not sure whether or not hardwood chips are right for you, be sure to check out all of our mulch varieties before making a decision on what to include in your landscape.

Check out some of the other mulch colors and types by following the links below. Whether you’re looking for bulk or bagged mulch, we can help.