Benefits of a CSA Program

Signing up for a share in your local Community Sponsored Agriculture program will give you much more than just fresh vegetables. There are so many great benefits of a CSA program that many people don’t know about. Check out these 17 reasons to join a CSA Program:

Receive the freshest produce possible

CSA produce is picked and packed at peak freshness, and comes from our fields to your table within days of harvest. This is far different than purchasing produce from the store which involves early picking, shipping, and sitting out waiting to be purchased. With fresher produce, you’ll also have more flavor! Benefits of a CSA Program

You Can Save Money

You can save a lot of money with a CSA share. Not only do you receive a great value on produce, but you can also preserve it to make it last throughout the winter months! Joining a CSA will get you all the produce you need for a long time.

Support Local Farmers

CSA programs support local farmers, which helps your local economy and the great farmers that call Minnesota home! It also helps farmers more effectively plan their crops for the upcoming season. It’s a win-win for the entire community. CSA Farm Benefits

Get To Know Your Farmers

You can become closer with the farmers who grow your local food, allowing you to learn more about how food gets to your table.

Try New Vegetables

A CSA is a great opportunity to try new vegetables, including unique heirlooms that you wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere.

It’s Better For The Environment

There are a lot of environmental benefits of CSA programs. You can lower CO2 emissions by limiting transport and long distance refrigeration, plus local farms will almost always produce less groundwater pollution. Removing the middle-man also allows eliminates packaging needs.

Eat Healthier

A CSA allows you to limit the amount of processed food that you eat, while also increasing your produce intake and giving you a variety of healthy options.

Your Food is Always in Season

Because you’re being sent produce from your local farms, all the produce you get will be in prime growing season. This means there’s no guess work about whether or not a particular vegetable is in season.  

Additional Benefits of a CSA Share Through Pahl’s

With a Pahl’s CSA Share, you get much more than a standard CSA. Along with the benefits you see above, we also offer unique benefits such as the following:

Member Appreciation Day

We love to get to know the families that share in our harvest. Each year, we throw a corn roast for our members as a part of Member Appreciation Day. We show our appreciation for our members and help them to connect with their local farmers. 

Meats & Breads

Our CSA shares are more than just produce. You’ll also find occasional meat and bread from local businesses like Von Hanson’s and Great Harvest!

Harvest Events

We have additional harvest events that are fun for the whole family! Beyond your weekly CSA share box, these events allow you to pick your own peas, green beans, pumpkins, and more! Learn more about our Harvest Events.

Weekly Recipes

If you aren’t sure how to best prepare the produce you’re sent, we help by sending out recipes each week that are tailored towards the content of your box. You can make tasty creations all summer long and will always know how to utilize your share. See past recipes here

Add-On Mushrooms

Mushrooms fans can receive an additional mushroom share alongside their produce! You’ll receive a full pound of freshly foraged mushrooms from Gentleman Forager each month if you select this option! Find out more about our Mushroom Share. CSA Benefits

Add-On Eggs

You can receive the freshest eggs imaginable thanks to our partnership with Brand Farms! These eggs are collected from free range hens in nearby Farmington, Minnesota. You also save a lot of money on fresh eggs when adding this option! Find out more about our Egg Share.

Field Insights

Each week you’ll receive special insights into field conditions and what to expect in your share. This will help you plan your meals ahead of time, and also offers an educational opportunity about the farming process!

Find The Perfect Size Share

We have multiple sizes available to fit your needs. If you have a large family and eat a lot of vegetables, a Family Share might be for you. If you’d rather just test out the program or buy for your own use, the Teaser share might be a better fit!

Plenty of Pick-Up Locations

We have 28 convenient pick-up locations so you can get your weekly share without going far! See all of our pick up locations.   There are many benefits of a CSA program, and there are even more than we listed here. Enjoy a commitment to quality and healthy living, and prepare for a summer of the freshest vegetables possible by signing up with Pahl’s CSA program today.