Egg Shares

Add Eggs to Your CSA Share!

Again in 2021, CSA members will have the chance to add fresh eggs to their CSA share. Members who purchase this add-on will receive one dozen eggs once a month, for a total of four dozen eggs (July, August, September, and October).

Eggs will be supplied by Brand Farms, located in Farmington. We all agree that the best eggs come from the happiest hens, which is why all hens at Brand Farms are free range. This means their hens have access to the outside during the day and are never caged.

CSA Members who choose this option will be receiving more than just tasty eggs once a month. They’ll also have the same satisfaction of helping out a local farmer, and the peace of mind knowing that eggs are collected using cruelty-free practices. Just like our mushroom share, we’ll also keep these CSA members in mind when deciding which recipes to share each week.

If you’ve already purchased your 2021 CSA Share, please follow this link to add eggs to your share:

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