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by | Sep 1, 2018 | Landscaping, Market News

It seems crazy that we are through August already!  September is here and what a great month with kids going back to school, football season starting and Fall soon approaching.  There is also no better time to get your last minute landscaping projects done.  Pahl’s Landscaping season seems like it will never end, which is a good problem to have!  It was tough to choose a project to share this month because we have had a lot of beautiful intstalls in August.  I decided on a project that was done in Rosemount not too far from Pahl’s and involved a little bit of everything we do.

Our initial meeting was at the customers home towards the end of June, where we walked the entire landscape of the house from front to back.  There were areas that were outdated and overgrown and the customer wanted everything removed and redone.  The two areas in the back included a paver patio coming off her back garage door connecting with the steps coming down from the deck and removing an old, weedy, overgrown perennial garden to incorporate a berm with new sod.

She was ready to move forward not long after receiving the bid and we were able to get her project on the schedule at the beginning of August.

On the day we started the project I met the crew at the job site and went through with them the areas that we would be working on so they all had a good understanding what needed to be done.

Rosemount LandscapeWe started on the foundation of the house and began to remove and dispose of all the shrubs, perennials, mulch, fabric and debris from the existing landscape beds.  Once we had all the removals out we were able to start the installation process.  Soil was the first thing to be installed around the entire house so it was built up and sloping away from the foundation. Poly edging was installed next, followed by the plant material.  Now that the soil, edging and plants were installed we were able to spread preen and colored brown mulch throughout the landscape beds to finish that portion of the project.

The next part of the project was to install a paver patio.  We began to dig out the sod and soil to get down to the appropriate depth so we could begin to install the class 5.  We added class 5 throughout the area packing it in 2” lifts.  Once we got the class 5 level with the correct slope we added no more than an inch of sand for leveling.  It was now time to install the pavers. We installed Borgert Cobble Series Pavers, Minnesota River color with a 6×9 border Onyx Color. After the pavers were installed we installed the paver edging around the perimeter of the patio followed up with packing the pavers and installing polymeric sand. Now that everything with the patio was installed all we needed to do to finish this part of the project was spray water over the pavers so the polymeric sand can set up.

The berm and sod were the last piece to complete the project.  We marked out a 15’ x 12’ area for the berm and brought in soil to build it up approximately 2’.  Poly edging was installed with the plant material and three 24” fieldstone boulders outcroppings.  Spreading preen and brown colored mulch were the last stages to finish the berm.

The last portion of the project was to install the sod. We graded and spread pulverized soil throughout the area and finished up with laying the sod.

I did my final walkthrough with the homeowner and she was amazed at what a difference the new landscape made.  Projects like these, bringing to life a landscape the homeowner envisioned, is the reason I love my job so much!  I am looking forward to picking a project to share next month.  Remember, contact Pahl’s Market for any of your landscape needs!


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