A Very Happy Apple Valley Landscape Customer

by | May 3, 2016 | Landscaping, Testimonials

We just completed a landscape project with Pahls. It was so well done, I wanted you to know about it.

I had called in the spring and also went to your booth at the Lakeville Home and Garden Show to get some information. We moved into our Apple Valley house 3 years ago, and the former owner was a master gardener. Each spring/summer was frustrating because we just couldn’t keep up or even know what he planted, and anything we planted died. We wanted our lawn to look nice but needed professional help.

Beth Rau came to the house right after the snow melted and I was amazed at how knowledgeable she was. These plants in our yard were twigs and she could identify what they were. You could see it in her eyes that she loved her job and was excited about giving us ideas for a low maintenance yard. Everything ran smoothly under her direction and what she chose to go into our yard is just right. At the time we were also considering a stone fence by the pond to keep the geese out and pavers under the deck. A couple weeks later Mike Kirsch and Beth both came out (it was snowing quite heavily) and measured. A proposal was sent with a list of the plants so I could look on your website at Beth’s suggestions before our next meeting. My husband and I then came into Pahls and met with Mike and Beth about the proposal. Beth explained every detail, and had drawn pictures with the locations of the plants. Mike told us what our options were and showed us how the work would be done with the stone fence and pavers. It was the right amount of time they allotted for them to explain the proposal and for us to ask questions. They suggested the ideas and kept reinforcing that in the end it was our decision and we could change anything. Unfortunately, we will have to put the stone fence and pavers in at a later time.

A week before the work was to be done all the utilities were marked in our yard. It was a light mist of rain that morning  but that didn’t stop the workers. Beth explained to the workers what was to be done and then left for another project. Christian then supervised and worked alongside the other workers. Each one of the workers was friendly and worked hard in that miserable rain.  Because a couple bushes had died in the meantime we had to run to Pahls and get some more plants. Dee (who is so nice) was so helpful in helping us pick out some new plants that Beth had suggested. On a sidenote,  we did CSA last summer and Dee was  the contact person and when we picked up our boxes she was always so friendly and kind. The workers cleaned everything up and wow it looks wonderful.  Jason emailed us our final statement and again well done in all his correspondence with us.

We are so pleased at how it turned out. Our neighborhood has lots of walkers and people we don’t know are stopping by to look and compliment our yard. The neighbors on our immediate block are also coming by to see the result of the landscaping. Unanimously, they all say it looks great.

So to sum everything up, everyone who we have had contact with that is employed at Pahl’s have been very knowledgable about the area they work in, take pride in what they do, along with being kind and helpful. It shows through your employees that you have made Pahl’s a good place to work.

We will always be customers of Pahl’s and the neighborhood has heard how impressed we are with your nursery.

Thanks again,

Aaron and Natalee


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