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by | Apr 2, 2015 | Market News

The St. Croix Elm

With the recent news of the Emerald Ash Borer being discovered in Dakota County, this might be a good time to bring back the American Elm tree.  New varieties have been introduced that are resistant to Dutch Elm disease (DED).  Some of the new Elms that are DED tolerant and commercially available are the New Harmony Elm and the Valley Forge Elm.

I know when our customers come into Pahl’s Market and I suggest an Elm tree, customers are not interested.  The customers want the same thing, a Maple tree that turns red in the fall.  While Maples are a beautiful tree, I think we need to see what else is available.  With the history of losing first the Elm trees and now the Ash trees, I think we should use more diversity in selecting our trees.

Bailey nurseries, located right here in Minnesota, has introduced the St. Croix Elm to its First Addition line of plants.  The tree was discovered by Mark Stennes of S & S Tree and Landscaping (view the video from KARE 11 here).   He was able to find a disease tolerant Elm and replicated this tree and other such Dutch Elm disease tolerant trees.

We are proud to have two of Baileys test trees for sale here at Pahl’s Market.  More are ordered and to come in the very near future.  These impressive and majestic shade tree stands are fast growing and worthy of more than a second look.  I hope people are ready for the return of the American Elm, the grandest of all American trees.


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  1. Matt

    Do you still have any of the St.Croix elm trees for sale?

    • Chris Kaufenberg

      Hi Matt, thanks for your question. We are currently sold out of the St. Croix Elm tree and are having a difficult time finding more. It is possible we will have inventory in the Fall, please check back. Feel free to give us a call at 952 431-4345.

  2. Brian Hogenson

    Tim, I have a question about the St. Croix Elm, as I’m looking to replace a non-resistant elm I lost last year due to Dutch Elm Disease.

    I notice you list the expected width to be 70-90 feet. Is that based on the size of the parent tree? The parent tree splits into co-dominant leaders relatively low in the canopy and was likely not structurally pruned in its youth. Would pruning for structure on a young St. Croix, specifically to maintain a single leader up to 12-15 feet, potentially result in a narrower spread? Or would I be better off choosing a more upright cultivar like Princeton if space is a concern?

    I appreciate any advice or direction you can provide and look forward to checking out your nursery.


    Brian Hogenson

    • Chris Kaufenberg

      Hi Brian, yes width would be based on the size of the parent tree. You are correct about pruning the St. Croix Elm resulting in a narrower spread as well. We don’t currently have the St. Croix Elm in stock as our supplier is out of inventory for this particular tree. Valley Forge Elm would also be a nice replacement for the Elm you lost. Thanks for checking with Pahl’s!

  3. RYAN C

    Anyone have any luck finding the St. Croix Elms for this spring???

    • Jason Himmelwright

      St Croix Elm will be available around 6-15-16 at Pahl’s in limited numbers.

      • RYAN C

        What are they charging?? Should I call and pay ahead??

        • Chris Kaufenberg

          We are slated to receive ten of the #10 St. Croix Elm trees which retail for $169.99. No need to call and pay ahead until they come in. We will add you to the waiting list for this tree and the nursery manager will email you when they arrive.

  4. Kent Wangsness

    Can I get on the waiting list for the St. Croix Elm?

    • Chris Kaufenberg

      Hi Kent, thanks for your request. You have been added to the waiting list. The St. Croix Elms are scheduled to arrive this week.


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