How to Assemble a Spruce Tip Pot

by | Nov 8, 2019 | Market News

How to Assemble a Spruce Tip Pot

  1. Choose a 10”-12”container that can withstand freezing temperatures. If you use glazed pottery fill with sand to prevent cracking or create your spruce tip pot in a plastic container and place it into your ceramic pottery.
  2. Potting soil can be too loose to hold the tips in place, we recommend using sand or garden soil to fill your container.
  3. Trim the small sprigs from the bottom of each tip. Place the tallest tip in the center of your pot and surround it with the four shorter ones.
  4. Fill in with pine, spruce tip trimmings and/or other greens. Adding dried hydrangea blooms and stems from colorful shrubs, such as red dogwood, will help accent your design. Let your creativity flow!
  5. At Pahl’s we carry a wide selection of festive picks, berries, pine cones and bows to add sparkle and shine to your pot.
  6. Use floral wire to firmly secure your decorations to the greens.
  7. Place your decorated pot by your front door to greet all the guests you will entertain during this beautiful season.

For containers that have been outside and may have frozen soil in them it might be difficult to push the tips in. If possible, we recommend bringing your container in the garage or house two days prior to creating your spruce tip pot. If that is not feasible you can use a drill to pre-make the holes or pour hot water in the container.


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  1. Susan Trevathan

    Are you having anymore workshops for making spruce tip pots or kissing balls?

    • Chris Kaufenberg

      Hi Susan, thanks for your question. We do not have any additional workshops scheduled this season but we still have a great selection of tips, greens and picks to assemble your own pot at home. We also have beautiful pre-designed pots and kissing balls available for purchase or you can still place an order custom made pots or kissing balls. Sorry to hear you missed the workshops this year, be sure to sign up for our loyalty program to start receiving email notifications of our upcoming events!


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