Autumn Planning and Planting!

by | Sep 3, 2012 | Market News

By Ted Maro

 Pahl's Landscaping Services

Fall is a wonderful time to plant both trees and shrubs.  There are several advantages to planting in the cooler autumn temperatures.  First, the plant material is usually on sale.  Your budget will stretch a bit and you may be able to get larger specimens if needed.  There are fewer pest problems and disease issues in the cooler weather.  When planted in the Autumn, trees and shrubs get an early start in the Spring to establish well before the hotter weather arrives.  As you plant your items be sure to water them in well as they go into the winter freeze.  That moisture will be available to them as soon as they begin to grow in Spring. 

Fall is also a perfect time to have sod installed.  Hardscapes such as pavers, walkways, retaining walls, ponds, and landscape lighting are also good fall projects.  Pahl’s can provide all of these services.  We have a full landscape division with all the expertize you will need to complete your project.

With our landscape services we can help your plans become a reality next Spring too.  Fall is a great time to plan your dream landscape.  Pahl’s offers a variety of design programs.  These include onsite consultation or in-house consultation.  We can design and install your project, or help you with a do-it-yourself installation.  It is not too early to plan for the special events in your future, such as a graduation party or spring wedding.  We can help you create a backyard gathering spot for family and friends that you will enjoy for years to come.  Together we can work on the plan this Winter and then be ready for installation this coming Spring.  You can contact our team here at Pahl’s by calling 952-431-4345 or by sending us an e-mail at

Remember, Autumn is more than a time to enjoy our beautiful fall colors.  It is a wonderful time to set the plans in motion for that landscape you have always dreamed about. 

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  1. Carolyn Huston

    I am redoing some landscape in the front of my brick home. I am thinking of doing some grasses. I have lots of landscaping and they are all everygreen (arborviae) and some japanese barberry and a rock background. I am tired of the rock and thinking I will do dirt or mulch. It faces south but you get sun only till afternoon. I would like color in that area and thinking clematis that would crawl nicely along the brick. I just need ideas of what to plan for color and would talk grasses be ok with that? Are there any short evergreens or something minature and different shapes? Thank you. I LOVE PAHL’S!

    • Pahl's Market

      Hi Carolyn,
      We carry many smaller evergreens with a lot of texture. 2 of my favorite varieties are Valley Cusion Mugo Pine and Blue Forest Juniper. Another one with great color and texture is a Lime Glow Juniper. ( This one will be bigger ) For an upright variety you could go with Technito Arborvitae. Clematis has more of a winding growth habit. They do better on a trellis. You could check out Climbing Hydrangea. This may need help with attachment.Maybe Boston Ivy or Engelmann Ivy. Perennial grasses are fun to design with. It sounds like you have an adequate amount of sun. There is a difference between cool and warm weather grasses. Cool weather grasses are the first to come up and bloom in the summer. Warm weather grasses appear more slowly in the spring, and bloom much later in the summer. Warm weather grasses, I feel, have more spectacular blooms i.e.. Miscanthus Flame Grass. When I design, often I have Karl Foerster Perennial grass in the back with Blue Oat Grass in front. It looks pretty cool. Another variety I really like is a Native. Prairie Dropseed is a warm weather grass with a shorter stature and open airy blooms. It looks great tucked into a rock outcropping. I hope this gives you some ideas.

      Beth from Pahls


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