Bonide 4-Phase Fertilizer Program

by | Apr 20, 2015 | Market News

It is time to start thinking about your lawn.   Now available at Pahl’s, the Bonide 4-Phase Fertilizer Program:

  1. Crabgrass Pre Emergent: This product controls more than just crabgrass; it will control 32 different grassy and broadleaf weeds. This product will control more weeds than most of the national and regional brands on the market today. It can be applied after crabgrass starts to germinate (Up to the three to four leaf stage) Will control weeds up to 3 to 5 months. This product can be used in the fall to control poa annua. Even with a late spring application you can still seed in the fall.
  2. Weed & Feed: This product controls over 200 hard to kill broadleaf weeds like ground Ivy & onion grass, it contains a four way weed killer. Recommended for late spring and early fall applications. Apply when the turf is wet so weed killer will stick to the weed.
  3. Insect & Feed: Contains Bifenthrin, very broad spectrum insecticide. This product will take care of many surface insects like fleas, ticks (Including Lyme Carrying Ticks), ants, armyworms, sod web worms, grass hoppers and many more.
  4. Winterizer: Our Winterizer contains a slow release fertilizer along with Sulfur that will help reduce early spring diseases along with a 1% iron for dark spring greening.

Buy all for 4 and receive a $15 mail-in coupon offer!


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  1. Bob Birch

    We live in Houston, TX in a townhome community. We have a small lawn about 11X11 ft. Houston had a summer-long drought in 2012 and is in mild drought now.

    Our little lawn is stressed with a few sprigs of St Augustine grass and many weeds and several large nearly bare spots. In near-center of the lawn is a red cedar tree which our local master gardener tells me makes grass growth difficult by shading and roots that absorb most available moisture.

    I plant ryegrass in the fall which grows well and, with the weeds, provides green cover over our mild snowless winters. Of course, as the heat returns, the rye grass dies out. This year I found and seeded Bonide’s Heat and Drought grass seed. I have kept the lawn damp and the new grass is growing well.

    I am concerned about weeding and feeding and have read about Bonide’s Four Phase lawn care program on the internet including your website.

    Do you know if the products needed for the Four-Phase program are available in West or Southwest Houston around area code 77057? Of course, I do not need the typical 2-3 cu ft bag of product to treat my 121 sq ft.

    I will greatly appreciate your advice and suggestions.


    Note: My wife and I are from Minneapolis and always enjoy communications from home!

    • Chris Kaufenberg

      Hi Bob, thanks for checking with us. Bonide products are sold across the United States. My best suggestion would be to check their website at There are quite a few dealers listed that are located in the Houston area.


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