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Boulder Wall

by | May 3, 2018 | Landscaping, Market News

This month we are going to display a project we did in Eagan on the side yard of a home. The project I will be sharing with you involves demolition of all existing debris. Installation consisted of constructing two boulder walls, cut boulder steps, a paver sidewalk with rock and mulched areas attached. Here are the steps that took place to complete this beautiful side yard.

First Steps:

I met with the homeowner at her residence in Eagan and she took me to the side yard along her garage. As I was standing there looking at her hillside it seemed to be a little overwhelming with all the debris scattered throughout the area. As I spoke with her I got her vision of what she was wanting. We discussed retaining walls, and paver options, as well as rock and mulch colors. I got a good game plan and began to get all the measurements and pictures I needed to bid her project. Once she received her bid and gave us to go ahead it was time to get started.


Eagan Landscape ProjectOnce the crew and I got to the job site we got a plan together and started to remove all the plant material and debris from the area. After the debris was out we were able to get the skid loader down the steep hill to start digging out for the retaining walls and paver walkway.


The first step of the installation was to build the two Fieldstone Boulder walls. The walls were approximately 55’L x 4’H and 30’L x 1.5’H. We used 18 to 24” boulders that roughly weighed 450 pounds on average. The key for us to build these walls correctly was to secure each boulder by stacking each boulder on top of another and slightly sliding back from the boulder below. Once we gained in height on the wall we began to back fill the wall with soil and add the boulder fabric right behind the wall to keep soil from washing through the boulders. After the boulder walls were built we installed three cut fieldstone boulder steps 3’ followed up with the paver walkway using Rochester Interlock Flagstone pavers, Santa Fe color. That included installing 6” of class 5 rock, compacted in 2” lifts and 1” of sand for leveling. Once the pavers were installed the snap edging and polymeric sand were added. The final steps of the project were to add some good pulverized soil for the planting beds. We also installed landscape poly and preen for a weed barrier with three yards of 2.5” river rock and two yards of brown colored hardwood mulch.

Once this project was finished it was great to step back and see how this transitioned from what it was before, to a beautiful and useful landscape.


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