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by | Aug 1, 2012 | Market News

 By Ted Maro

Planting fruit in the landscape can add a splash of color, textural changes and simply a tasty treat for the homeowner. The fruit from your plants just may be better quality than your local grocery store. The types of plants can range from vines, bushes, to trees. They can be perfect for your pergola, add shade to your yard, or add punch of fall color in your yard. 

Fruit-bearing trees can be placed in a variety of positions in the yard. There are some obvious locations to stay away from with a fruit tree, such as: public walks, paths, patios, and driveways. Fruit-bearing trees can be used as a focal point, frame a vista, or define the perimeter of a space. The trees begin the spring season blooming, summer to fall bearing fruit and in the fall they may finish with a pop of color.   

Fruit-bearing shrubs can be grouped around borders, planted in a shrub and perennial garden or in a prominent location. An example, a blueberry is attractive when loaded with fruit and still more so in autumn when its foliage turns brilliant purple or deep red; and also during winter when its young branches stand out in their redness against the snow.  It deserves the above mentioned, prominent place, within sight of the house windows.

Fruit-bearing vines can be used on a fence, trellis, arbor and pergola. They can give you a feeling enclosure, framing a gateway to an outdoor room or help cool an outdoor space. They begin the spring season with bloom, bear fruit in summer/fall and finish the fall season with spectacular fall color.

Go ahead and step outside the typical design box and add some fruit-bearing plants to your landscape. Add that special punch of texture and color in your yard and enjoy some of the fruit your plants will produce. You may just be the envy of your neighborhood.

Pahl's Chippewa Blueberry


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