Growums-add a little character to your garden

by | Apr 27, 2011 | Market News

Growums garden kits are a fun, simple learning tool that teaches children and adults alike the joys and benefits of growing their own food. The results bring more than just entertainment and a tasty harvest.

It all starts with the Growums garden kit, containing everything a child needs to grow a real garden – whether it’s in the back yard or grown in containers on a patio or balcony. Each kit contains its own cast of “characters,” depending on what type of garden is being grown. Kids have six garden choices: Pizza, Taco, Ratatouille, Salad, Herb, and Stir-Fry.

As the real gardens grow, a new garden comes alive online: In the Growums virtual world, children get to actually meet and play with the characters they’re growing, including Tomas the tomato, Duke the Cuke, Belle Peppa and the Great Zucchini (and more)!  These lovable online characters help children understand the growing process through a variety of fun gardening facts and games in the virtual world, meanwhile guiding kids along their true-life adventures in their real gardens.

Did you know, 98% of kids who grow their own vegetables, eat them.  Growums has been given the seal of approval from The National Parenting Center too.

Create healthier children, a greener environment and stronger families with a little character.

Stop in today and purchase your Growums kit.



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