Harvest is on the Way

by | Jul 28, 2016 | Market News

July is always a month of high anxiety as we start harvesting the crops, getting everything lined up in the field and everyone trained in on what we expect as far as quality and pack size.  Once things get going it is off to the races!  My dad would be very impressed with the way things look.  Everything across the board looks very nice in the field and we have had no big weather events to speak of so overall it has been a blessing.  We started harvesting Green Beans on the 5th along with cutting our first cabbage of the year.  Start looking for homegrown sweet corn in the next 10 days as the first sweet corn will out eat any Georgia or Indiana corn that is out there.  Home grown cucumbers and peppers will be towards the end of the month with everything looking great there as well.

July is a critical month for crop development and getting enough water. When the fruit starts setting on the crop should not be under any stress at all.  Sweet corn will start shutting down over 87 degrees and go into survival mode.  Perfect temperature for most crops is 80, low humidity and sunny, not bad for drinking beer either.  Getting back to farming:  Keep the weeds out of your crops!  Weeds this time of year give every pest the opportunity to invade your crop and start damaging the fruits of your labor.  Make sure everything gets enough water and fertilizer!  Do not starve your plants of nutrients.  Cool the produce sooner rather than later after you harvest it to lock in the taste and freshness.


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