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Now that the days are getting longer, March is a great time to start spring maintenance on your houseplants.  Trim off any dead leaves or branches, wipe leaves, and fertilize.  Inspect for insects and apply treatment as needed.  We have everything you’ll need here at Pahl’s, stop in and see us!

Leaf ShineLeaf Shine
At this time of year many house plants are in heated homes.  Heat often comes from forced air heat and with the heat come a lot of dust.  Houseplants get covered with the dust and it limits the sunlight even more than just the time of year.  So spraying and cleaning the dust off houseplant leaves allows the plant the best opportunity to take in sunlight that is essential for photosynthesis.  Healthy house plants are better equipped to deal with the fewer hours of sun light we have during the winter months. Leaf Shine dries in minutes and is a natural formulation.


Liquid Plant FoodSystemic Houseplant Insect Control
This is a granular product that is placed on the surface of the soil and watered into the soil of the houseplant container.  The roots of the plant then absorb in the product and it circulates in the plant.  As the chewing and sucking insects feed on the plants they ingest the plant juices with the product in it and it causes the death of the insect.  No need to spray plants, it will control insects for up to 8 weeks with no odor.

Insecticidal SoapInsecticidal Soap
An all-natural plant derivative that is sprayed on the plants to protect it from insect damage.  It is important to spray not only the tops of the leaves but also the underside of the leaves as well.   Being a contact spray, the insects need to come into contact with the product to be effective. Because this product is natural it can be used on edibles up to the day of harvest (herbs, vegetable, etc.)  It controls aphid, spider mites and other listed insects.


Mite XMite-X
An all-natural product made from botanical extracts, including Cotton Seed Oil, Clove Oil and Garlic extract. It is important to not only spray the tops of the leaves but the underside as well.  This is a contact spray and the insects need to come into contact with the product to be effective.  This product may be rotated with Eight to break the life cycle of difficult insects.


EightEight Houseplant Spray
No odor, non-staining, all-purpose insecticide.  Kills over 100 listed insect pests on over 60 varieties or ornamentals and houseplants. Can be used not only on indoor plants but as some of your plants go outside for the summer so can this control to protect your plants.



Rooting PowderRooting Powder
Contains IBA (indole-3-butyric acid), initiates root formation when applied to the basal end of cuttings.  Rooting powder promotes quick development from cutting and can be used on transplants as well to encourage root development.


Liquid Plant Food

Liquid Plant Food
A balanced 10-10-10 fertilizer ideally formulated for houseplants. Just takes 7 drops per quart of water for lush, healthy plants.


Liquid CactusLiquid Cactus Plant Food
With a 2-7-7 N-P-K ratio, this tropical plant food has been specifically formulated to meet the unique needs of cacti and succulents.



African VioletLiquid African Violet Plant Food
Just a small amount with each watering brings forth beautiful blooms, lush foliage and excellent plant vigor of all flowering plants.


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