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It is Finally Planting Time

by | May 2, 2015 | Market News

May is my favorite time of year. By this time I have my gardens pretty well cleaned up and I can begin to think about all the beautiful annuals I will add this year. Containers are a favorite of mine and each year I try to make them different. Let me share some of my favorite plants and maybe I can inspire you to begin a new planting adventure.

One plant that I find very easy and is a beautiful carefree annual is the Dragonwing Begonia. It comes in cherry red or a beautiful medium pink. This plant is one of the most adaptable annuals and will do well in either sun or shade. If you like easy plants you will love Dragonwings!

It’s hard to narrow down my favorites but another has to be Dorotheanthus Mezoo. That is one crazy name but the plant is my favorite trailer for sun. Mezoo has variegated foliage, is succulent, and has little red powder puff flowers. This plant never gets any disease and bugs stay away from it. The trailing habit makes it a perfect spiller for your pots.

Have you ever grown Sunpatiens? That is another fabulous sun annual. The flowers look very much like New Guinea Impatiens but the plant structure is totally different. The plant side branches and gets about 12 to 14 inches high and wide. It is covered with flowers and needs no deadheading or fussy care. They come in all kinds of colors from pinks to peaches to lavender. I use them every year and they always put on a fabulous show all summer long.

Some other plants I love are Angelonias, Walkabout Lysimachia, Supertunias, Dreamland Zinnias, Rieger Begonias, Blue Wave Torenia, Caliope Geraniums, and so many more. To see our selection you can always check out our plant library . Pictures are worth a thousand words but a visit to our greenhouse will be even better. We are here to help and can show you all kinds of beautiful plants.

As you select things for containers be sure that all the plants have similar growing needs as far as sun, shade, and moisture demand. You may also want to consider the heights and habits of each plant. A safe way to design a container is to have something taller in the center, medium height plants around that to fill the container, and then a few plants to trail over the sides. I have to say that I break rules and try different styles of asymetrical arrangements. As long as you like your creation you can arrange plants to your own taste.

Please come in to Pahl’s and let us help you select some beautiful new annuals for your planters. We have a great experienced staff that would love to help you.


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