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July News From the Farm

by | Jul 1, 2014 | Market News

Well, what hasn’t floated away is looking pretty darn good.  One thing about Mother Nature, it never gives you a chance to rest.  We started harvesting some items for the CSA program and things are going great.

Yes, greens are a popular item being that they are the first things harvested but hopefully the strawberries add some color and texture to your wonderful salads.  We will start harvesting green beans in the near future along with cabbage and broccoli.  Our sweet corn is tasseling and should be ready by the 25th of this month.  In the field we have about 30,000 tomato plants staked and looking gorgeous.

We are busy, busy, busy trying to keep the weeds out through cultivating and hoeing in between rains.  Yesterday we had 35 people hoeing out in the pumpkin field and today they are in the Napa cabbage.  Pest pressure has been relatively light and we have not had to spray for any bugs yet due to all the rain that has been washing off the larvae.  So you see there is a bright spot with all the rain!

This past month in the shop we are putting some final touches on a pepper harvester that we built from scratch; this was designed to make us more efficient in the field with less damage to the plants and the final product.  Knock on wood, within a months’ time we should be in full harvest!


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