Lawn Maintenance

by | Jan 1, 2020 | Market News

Fertilizer: A nice thick lawn needs fertilizer and a four 4 step fertilizing program is best for lawn care. The two most important steps are in the spring and fall. Spring fertilizing greens up the grass and kick starts the lawn. Fall fertilizing prepares the grass for dormancy during the winter.

Crabgrass Prevention:  Warmer spring temperatures bring your lawn to life but unfortunately that includes crabgrass. Crabgrass can spread quickly if left untreated. During the summer each plant produces thousands of seeds. The first frost kills the plants, but the seeds remain dormant. The key to crabgrass control is making sure the seeds can’t germinate. When the soil temperature at the surface reaches 55°F for four or five consecutive days, crabgrass begins to germinate.  The seeds can be killed with a pre-emergent herbicide and now is is the time to apply the pre-emgergent.  Crabgrass control can take a couple of years, you might not get all the seeds the first year.  Since it’s difficult for most of us to monitor the soil temperature, there’s an easier way.  When you notice shrubs blooming and trees budding, it is time to apply the herbicide.

Wait 6 to 8 weeks to re-seed the lawn after using a pre-emergent herbicide.

Broadleaf Weed Conrol: Broadleaf control is post-emergent.  Most broadleaves will start to emerge in late spring. The best way to control broadleaves is with a liquid herbicide or a granular weed and feed product. Most sprays control a wide variety of weeds.  If you have creeping charlie read the label to make sure it has the ingredient that kills this weed.

Pahl’s carries several solutions, including organic options, for a lush green lawn. Stop in and talk with one of our lawn experts!


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