March, It is Spring

by | Mar 6, 2015 | Market News

Let’s warm up!  March brings us a variety of temperatures and a mixed bag of precipitation.  We can enjoy calm warm sunny days and survive blasting cold winds with raging snow in the same month. I think that is what makes Minnesota folks so tough and adaptable.  One sure reprieve from the weather is the snug cozy feeling in a heated greenhouse.  The smell of potting soil and the first visions of green and even some color will fill your senses with hope for days to come.  As gardeners we are a hopeful lot and Spring brings a sparkle of joy to our days.

Plants know the good times are coming.  In March your houseplants will benefit by a good trim and some fertilizer.  March 20 is the first day of Spring and as each day lengthens the plant world comes to new life.  If you wintered your tropical hibiscus indoors it will love the month of March.  I trim mine back by about 1/4 of the height and begin light fertilizing the first week of March.  Your plant will start new growth quickly and fill out nicely as it gets anxious to go outside in May.

If you enjoy growing from seed, March is a great month to get many things started. Annuals are very easy to grow from seed and we have a nice selection of seeds as well as everything you need to start your plants .  We also have a good general handout to help you if you are a beginner.

March is also a great month to design your planters and container gardens.  A simple diagram of your container will help you place plants and decide on what you will use.  I find I save money knowing just what I will need and a plan makes it all so simple.  I do change things a bit if I see new plant as I shop that I just can’t live without.  That’s the great thing about being a gardener, we try new things!  I think that is what keeps us learning and growing in experience and knowledge.  Sometimes things don’t turn out exactly as we picture them to be.  That’s the world of plants and a good challenge is just a new adventure.  Each year I try a few new things and learn about possibilities for new ideas.  I like to create new looks and when things come together well it is very rewarding.  Check out the Pahls plant library on our website and you will see some great plants to try this year.

I hope we can inspire you to enjoy a wonderful gardening season.  Spring fever is in full force in my world.  March will lead to warmer times and soon we can begin the garden clean-up and get some good garden soil on our hands.  Ahhh, let it begin!!


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