News from the Wet Field

by | Jun 3, 2014 | Market News

Dad is looking down shaking his head thinking I am glad where I am. Two Spring seasons back to back where it has been miserable trying to get the crops in on a timely fashion. With the cool temps and abnormal amount of rain the lakes and streams are full (with the exception of White Bear Lake). Ground water levels are being recharged and restored to normal levels in hopes of being ready when the crops need them. Did you know corn root systems can go 5 feet down? The problem with a wet Spring is that the root systems stay closer to the top and aren’t driving down to get the additional nutrients that are available in the soil. Then if it gets hot and dry in July and August you better be pumping the water to them to help them survive. A plant needs a stable root structure to help it survive the winds and elements for it to produce a decent yield. “No top, No Crop” was a favorite saying of my Dad’s while I was growing up. With the driving rains this Spring on the crops it is also best to get in and cultivate the compacted soils to help aerate and get oxygen to the root systems. The sooner we can get in to cultivate we will, besides the weeds are sure to come and the easiest time to take care of those are when they are just emerging.

The month of June is an important month for side dressing, fertilizer, and cultivating. With the long days and warmer temps you can see them progress almost on a daily basis. It is important to keep feeding them and controlling the plants (weeds) around them. There is nothing that robs your crops more than weeds! Sharpen up your hoes, grab a beer, and get to work!


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