Pahl’s Market Featured Employee: Patti Smith

by | Apr 29, 2012 | Market News

Patti Smith and family

Years of Service at Pahl’s Market: 4 years

Job Responsibilities: I am a supervisor and work in the retail market. I have numerous responsibilities including: training & supervising staff, pricing/merchandising, and working daily with our wonderful customers.  Whenever I get the chance, I get dirt under my fingernails in the greenhouse.

Love of the Job: I love selling our wonderful assortment of blooming plants to people knowing it is something they truly want but don’t necessarily need.  They treat themselves to the good things in life.


  • I have two wonderful boys that I’m so proud of,  Zach age 17 and Tanner age 14 ½
  • A loving husband who is always there for me
  • Last but not least, my crazy dog and a cat that makes me feel like Dr. Doolittle because he follows me everywhere!  My family will tell you I’m an animal lover because I can’t watch movies where the animals die without crying.

Favorite Time of the Year: The hot days of summer on the lake.  Nothing is more peaceful than floating on the water.

Hobbies: When I am not at work surrounded by plants, I am in my own garden beds.  I can “work” in my yard all day and it isn’t really working.

The farthest you have traveled from home: I’ve traveled to Hawaii twice, first to Maui and then to Kauai the following year.  I remember enjoying some awesome macadamia nut pancakes when there was a rolling blackout across the island.  As it hit the diner, an elderly man came out of the bathroom and announced “All I did was flush the toilet.”  Everyone laughed.

Three things on your “Bucket List”

  • Become a Minnesota Snowbird: spending winters in the sun
  • See the Redwood Forest in California
  • Vacation on a quiet Caribbean Island

What do you miss most about being a kid: Having someone to take care of everything for me and not having any major responsibilities

What skill would you like to learn:  I would like to be able to swim like my talented kids.  It looks so effortless to me when I watch them compete

First thing you bought with your own money:  A television for about $270.00 and I had to finance it!

Who would you choose as your mentor:  I would pick my Dad to be my mentor.  He passed away 8 years ago.  He could fix anything.  He could build anything. He was everything!

If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you would do: If I won the lottery, I would go on a long vacation to Hawaii and stay in a beachfront condo.

Which celebrity do you get mistaken for: No one, I am one of a kind.

Favorite Movie:  50 First Dates

Favorite Song: Country Music

Hardest thing I’ve ever done:  Bury my father. I miss him.


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  1. marge Pierson

    I have seen your work Pat & it is one of a kind & very beautiful.Hope to stop by to see you at Pahls & soon. Marge

  2. Lora

    Patti gave me the most exceptional customer service just last week! I picked out three perfect pots for my garden. I love them and the positive experience I had, thanks to Patti!

  3. Tess Minkema

    I loved the feature article on my dear cousin, Patti. I have seen some of Patti’s work ,as well,and agree that she does great work! If I were featured and asked what skill I would like to learn, my response would be that I would like to learn how to create beautiful arrangements like my cousin Patti! If I were asked about my family, I would tell you that I , too am blessed with a loving husband and two boys but I would also tell you that I have a very kind and generous cousin named Patti! Congratulations on this recognition, Pat!

  4. Mike Mallan

    Patti has always been my favorite sister and has always been a good worker. She has an amazing family.I was really surprised she didn’t mention her favorite brother ….Mike 🙂


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