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When deciding on constructing or refurbishing a driveway, patio, or walkway, one of the main decisions a homeowner will encounter will be what type of material to use for the project. Should you pour a standard concrete slab? Use asphalt or crushed gravel? What about concrete pavers? Pavers with their aesthetic appeal, strength, and variety of designs and colors are the perfect choice.

Why choose paver over concrete?
When thinking of a new patio, walkway, or driveway many people have the question why pavers over concrete? The high strength of the concrete pavers allows for heavier loads and longer life than that of standard concrete. Concrete may cost you less initially but pavers will pay off in the long run. When using concrete there is a lack of flexibility which will lead to shrinkage and cracking over time, pavers will not crack. However, in the situation that you have a paver that does crack, the ease of repair is another benefit to pavers over concrete. Repair and maintenance of pavers is simple, easy and affordable by simply pulling up the paver or pavers that have cracked and replacing them rather than demolishing an entire driveway or patio and replacing it in its entirety. Repairs of concrete slabs are expensive and time consuming. Pavers are not only stronger but they will give you that curb appeal you might be looking for.

Different types of pavers:
There are many different options out there to choose from when thinking of a paver patio. The most common paver is the cobble series which comes in many different colors and shapes. They have different styles such as a tumbled, weather look or a traditional look. Each company has many different types of interlocking paver systems and are all great products but it depends on the style and look you are wanting. Another option would be Slate landscape tiles. These products are a great for a walkway or patio that give you a colorful clean look. Landscape tiles do not have the strength as a paver so are not recommended for driveways or areas with heavy traffic, but they do have a look that that is eye opening!

When planning your next patio, walkway or driveway think about the benefits pavers have to offer. Overall pavers are durable, versatile, safe and easy to maintain and your options are limitless.  Don’t forget, Pahl’s Landscape would love to install your next paver project!


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