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by | Oct 8, 2012 | Market News

By Ted Maro

Pahl's Landscape Design

The fall season is a perfect time to plant.  You can get a head start on your upcoming landscape project or put that finishing touch on your existing landscape.  Cooler temperatures, fewer pest and disease problems are a few advantages of a fall planting.  Fall planted trees and shrubs start the cool spring season faster, since they had the opportunity to get established during the cool fall season.  As a result, the plants handle the stress of the warm to hot summer temperatures much better.  Fall is also a perfect time to have sod laid and hardscapes installed, such as paver patios and walkways, modular block or boulder retaining walls, ornamental ponds, and landscape lighting.  Don’t let the season fall by the wayside, give us a call about your landscape project.

The fall is a great time to lay the ground work for your dream landscape.  Pahl’s has a variety of design programs, including: on-site or in-house consultation, Pahl’s Design and installation or Pahl’s Design do-it-yourself installation.  It’s not to early to plan for that graduation party, wedding reception, or simply a back yard gathering spot for friends and relatives.  The fall is a perfect time of year to get started on that master plan for your yard. We can finish the landscape plan in the winter and we or you can plant in the spring.  You can contact our landscape designers at 952-431-4345 or e-mail

Fall is the time to trim your plants back and clean up your perennial and shrub beds.  Also, rake the lawn and remove all the leaves. Doing this will reduce disease problems.  Wrapping the smaller, younger thin barked trees in your yard is also important.  This will reduce the opportunity for the tree to split open in the trunk and cause possible damage.  The tree can be wrapped with a paper wrap or a white plastic wrap sleeve.  Pahl’s has both items available for purchase.  By doing these outdoor projects in the fall your trees, shrubs, perennials and lawn will get a head start in the spring.

Remember, fall is not just a time to enjoy Minnesota’s fall colors, it’s a great time to plant or time to plan for that that landscape you’ve always dreamed about.  Time to start the dream in motion.  It’s also time to prepare your trees, planting beds and lawns for a winter nap so when they do wake up they will be revived.


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