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Picea Abies ‘Cupressina’ for Shelter and Seclusion

by | Sep 3, 2016 | Market News

Spruce are forest trees common through much of the Northern Hemisphere and are at their finest grown free-standing in an open space where their natural beauty will increase as the years pass.  In their various forms, spruces are exceedingly useful and ornamental.  The Norway spruce (Picea abies) is the largest and fastest growing spruce for the North and is distinguished by ascendingpicea abies cupressina branches and long narrow cones with scales that are pointed and slightly toothed.

Of the legion forms of Norway spruce in cultivation Picea abies ‘Cupressina’ is an attractive columnar selection, valued as a specimen or a strong vertical accent plant that can be situated close to the home.  This distinctive evergreen, with its dense close foliage and strong branches, can also be used for shelter and seclusion as it makes an excellent tall hedge to be used as a windbreak or privacy wall.

Picea abies ‘Cupressina’ will grow 20 feet tall and 5 to 6 feet wide in ten years and is an elegant substitute to the slow growing pyramidal arborvitae which is commonly used as a screen or windbreak.  Spruces will grow in almost any kind of soil if there is good drainage and sufficient moisture.


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  1. Kerri Luecke

    I am assuming you carry the Cupressina trees, I did not see any the last visits when we were there this summer. Do you have various sizes? How tall are they and what are your prices? Last question…are you having any sales or promotions on trees. We purchased several trees earlier this summer, they are all doing well. Thank you for your help, we love the Cupressina trees but have only seen them at Gertens so we are anxious to hear your pricing.

    • Chris Kaufenberg

      Hi Kerri, thanks for your question. We have several of the #5 Cupressina Norway Spruce that retail at $69.99 and one #15 for $169.99. Currently all of our trees, shrubs and perennials are 25% off.

  2. Deb Luck

    Do you still have some of these on your lot today? ‘Cupressina’

    • Chris Kaufenberg

      Hi Deb, thanks for your question. Yes we do still have these in stock, one in a 15 gallon container and several 5 gallon.


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