Picking Up the Pace

by | Jul 2, 2015 | Market News

The pace has picked up dramatically these past couple of weeks.  We have dodged a couple of bullets regarding the hail and the rainfalls.  Although frequent they have not been the ground pounding torrential down pours that we have experienced in the past couple of years.

Harvest schedule has been on track and we have been shipping kale, cabbage, napa cabbage and we are starting green beans tomorrow.  Sweet corn is still a few weeks off and yes it is knee high, matter of fact it is shoulder high.  Cucumbers and peppers will be starting soon.  Last night I was placing bees around the perimeters of a bunch fields that are just starting to show blossoms.  We use both honey bees and bumble bees to pollinate fields.  The bumblebee will generally outwork the honey bee but the honeybee hives have more bees in them so they make it up in numbers.

As we begin the harvest one of the most important things after harvesting is to get the heat out.  The sooner we get it to the cooler the quicker you slow the respiration rate down.  This enables longer shelf life and preserves the flavor of the veggies.  Happy Trails!



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