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by | Oct 18, 2010 | Market News, Caring for your Plants

It’s hard to imagine but winter is almost here.  Now is the time to protect your new plants from winter damage.  Below are some of the more popular ways to protect your plants and they are all available at Pahl’s.

Tree Wrap
Now is a great time to wrap your young trees.  Tree wrap helps protect trees from harsh weather (sun scald), insect & rodent damage. You can also use corrugated plastic tree protectors depending on the size of the trunk and age of the tree.  Don’t forget to remove the tree wrap in the spring once the snow has melted.

A quick and easy winter protector for your evergreens and shrubs.

Wilt Stop
Helps reduce transplant shock.  Reduces moisture loss when plants are under stress.  Stops winter kill, wind burn, sunscald, salt damage, and drying out.  Also, extends the life of Christmas trees.

Don’t forget, Perennials need winter protection too. Applying mulch (straw, shredded wood, leaves, etc.) to your perennials will help protect your plants from the freeze-thaw cycle that occurs through out the winter.  Remember, it is best to mulch after the ground is frozen.


Mouse Magic
Bonide Mouse Magic Mouse Repellent effectively repels rodents from around your home.  Apply around homes, garages, barns, sheds, woodpiles, patios, decks, attics, cellars, and other areas where mice may be a problem.  Safe for use around children and pets.  All natural ingredients.  Lasts for weeks.

Feel free to share a comment on how you have had luck protecting your plants in the past.  Good luck!


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